Sabian: Metal Meets The Road

vaulttour2 vaulttour1Attendees had a chance to purchase One of a Kind and Best Selling Cymbals (300+ Sabian cymbals on hand) , Have Cymbals Custom Made, Watch and Partake in Hand Hammering Demonstrations and Cymbal Lathing Demonstrations SABIAN Personnel attending Stebal Drums Vault Tour Event: Mark Love, SABIAN Master Cymbal Specialist, Allie Cougle, SABIAN Cymbalsmith,Ken Stairs, SABIAN factory employee, David Compaan, SABIAN Product Specialist, Matt Elliott, SABIAN Product Specialist, Lane Davy, SABIAN US Director of Operations, Terri Shaw, SABIAN US Sales Coordinator, Andy Zildjian

Sabian staff arrived at 6:00 A.M. to set up for the “Kickin It With Kenny” Show Live on Fox 8 Morning Show with Kenny Crumpton.

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