Andy Newmark

Hang With Andy Newmark

Not Just a Drummer –
A Part of Music History
1/3/14 – 1/5/14

Get inside the head of a musician
with a long & successful career in the music industry

3 hour small group sessions
1 hour private lessons

session video: Andy tells story about Sly Stone meeting

Andy with 2nd Session

Andy with 2nd Session

Andy with 3rd Session

Andy with 3rd Session

John Stebal & Andy Newmark

John Stebal & Andy Newmark

Andy’s thoughts on his approach:
“Well, first of all, any drummer is welcome to attend no matter their age or skill level or musical preferences. They come to me for specific advice and problem solving. I’m kind of the Drummer’s Psychiatrist. I don’t teach these people how to play the drums. They do that already more or less.
Issues like time, confidence, musicality, restraint, time, time and more time tend to come up over and over again.
And inevitably they all come to my house with hours of questions about my life and career and the people I worked with and stuff I’ve played on various records. These questions usually provide the door way for me to go into meaningful stuff ….that is universal to all musicians, not just drummers. And I am an excellent communicator. I am not a chops drummer who solos and plays amazing flashy stuff. I’m a Rhythm and Blues, groove, simplicity, feel oriented, less is more kind of drummer. So anyone looking for a display of fireworks drumming may well be disappointed and shouldn’t bother attending. My drumming is best understood (or felt) in a live music format with a rhythm section. That’s when “what I do” makes most sense and people get it. I have no set clinic format because I have never been on the clinic circuit. And I don’t think of this as a drum clinic in Cleveland. It sounds too sterile. I prefer to think of it as a “meeting”

To quote Jonathan Mover, Editor of Drumhead magazine, “Few drummers have left such a mark on music as Andy Newmark. It’s astonishing how many records he’s played on. Records that are a showcase for his playing and not just for a faceless grove in the background. Listen to the radio for an hour and chances are that you’ll hear him at least once, if not twice. From classic rock Pink Floyd to the smooth jazz of George Benson, the artsy pop of Roxy Music to the slick and funky Sly Stone. He’s done it all, and then some, eloquently signing his name each time he picks up his sticks.”

Andy has performed & recorded with:
John Lennon
Sly and the Family Stone
Eric Clapton
Pink Floyd
George Harrison
David Bowie
Rod Stewart
Keith Richards
Steve Winwood
Bryan Ferry
Ronnie Wood
David Gilmour
Roger Waters
Roxy Music
Carly Simon
James Taylor
Cat Stevens
Randy Newman
Andy Newmark complete discography

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