Terry Bozzio / Tom Shelley


2/4/13 – Terry Bozzio needs little introduction to drumming fans. From his groundbreaking performances with Frank Zappa, through his innovative work with The Brecker Brothers, UK, Group 87, and Missing Persons, to his unprecedented work as a solo drum composer, Terry has established himself as a totally original and innovative artist. And then, of course, there’s that incredible drumkit, known throughout the drum world as the “S.S. Bozzio.”

Tom Shelley is familiar to drum dealers everywhere as the founder of the nation’s largest exclusive distributor of percussion products. But he’s also a lifelong drummer, dedicated to sharing his passion for all things percussive-particularly with children.

Terry and Tom teamed up in presentations designed to entertain, educate, and inspire all who attended. Terry focused on drumset performance and technique, while Tom demonstrated how a wide variety of hand percussion instruments are played. Then the two artists joined their talents to illustrate how drumset and percussion can be combined in the most musical fashion. Tom also conducted a drum circle for children, their parents, and any other interested would-be rhythmatists.


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