Sal Giancarelli



Current Drummer with the band Staind  

For Sal Giancarelli, it was just drums and music, all day, everyday, starting in the 5th grade. Through all of middle school and high school, Sal participated in many musical events: wind ensemble, jazz ensemble, solo competitions, all-county and area-all-state wind and jazz ensembles, musical pit bands, marching bands, private lessons, as well as jamming and forming original and cover bands.

In the late 1990’s Sal gained a very small scholarship to Berklee College of Music. Unfortunately he couldn’t attend due the “very small” part of it, but the visits and the audition were an incredible process.  He studied music at Onondaga Community College, and played in a steady original band. The band relocated to Northampton, MA.  They spent a few years there, forming other bands, and playing around the northeast.  They also played shows with other bands in the area: Staind and Shadows Fall.

This band then came home, regrouped, and headed to Los Angeles. During their few months there, they attended a Sevendust, Skunk Anansie, and Staind show. They met up with the band and the road crew.  After that show, only a few months later, “change was knocking”


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